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We offer a stable platform, high rewards and great support.

Stable Platform

This coin is based on fully tested and production proven code - users get a stable and well performing wallet software. Our blockchain is online since August 2017.

High Rewards

Our proof of stake algorithm gives you 950% annual interest rate. Your investment will grow daily in value.

Extended Support

Our team helps you with all your questions. If you are new to crypto - we will help you. We also give free advice how to grow your profits.

About Vulcano

About Vulcano

Our vision is to be a profitable staking coin using stable and proven wallet software accessible to everyone.

You don't need to invest thousands of dollars into mining hardware and energy - you just need to buy coins and can stake on your lowend computer, a small server or our pool wallet.

With Vulcano coin you will get high staking rewards. We premined only a small amount of coins.

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John Vulcano
John Vulcano
Founder & Developer
Website Manager
Marketing & Pool

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